Going plastic free with Bulli Showground Markets!

I wrote a little blog for Bulli Showground Markets during Plastic Free July and thought it would be pertinent to share it here. Plastic Free July is great, but these practices should be observed all year 'round. Can't wait to bring you more on our farmers and what's in store for the spring season ahead.

With each passing year the need for more eco-conscious shopping habits becomes more pressing. You can’t escape it these days. It’s no longer a minority making all the noise. Some of the biggest outlets and institutions in the world are taking big strides to curb incessant, unnecessary, and wasteful plastic usage. The jury is still out on whether or not micro changes (or, changes you make in your everyday life to curb wasteful plastics) will help in the grand scheme of things. The inverse of that argument is that changes on an individual level don’t make nearly as much impact as changes on a corporate level. As much as we may malign a certain supermarket chain for electing to sell “reusable” plastic bags amidst a torrent of advertising claiming they’ve gone “plastic free”, what cannot be denied is that this large scale change has engendered a completely different attitude towards sustainability in shoppers across all generations. You can even see this in markets, where customers have gone further than just supplying bags. Some will elect for anything in plastic to be placed in paper, and the packaging recycled. Some will even provide their own Tupperware containers as a fantastic alternative to single use plastics. So what do you take with you when you head to the markets or shops; Have you made the change to sustainable methods, or is it taking some time to adjust? It’s not just grocery bags that are being replaced, but smaller produce bags and even cling wrap! Beeswax wraps have surged in popularity over the last two years, and are a great way to keep your food fresh. What’s more is that they’re reusable! Small plastic produce bags can really start to add up in the produce sections; so why not make the change to something reusable? Our favourite fruit and veg vendors, Roaming Fresh, started stocking products from Australian sustainability warriors ‘Onya Life’ and their most popular line to date has been the reusable produce bags. “They’re durable, affordable, save waste from ending up in landfill, and they’re 100 per cent Aussie owned. It’s not surprising they sell out nearly each month!” said Lyn of Roaming Fresh.

We try to put our most sustainable foot forward when it comes to operating our events. We make sure any market waste is sorted to maximise our recycling potential, and we encourage each and every stall-holder to encourage sustainable shopping practices amongst their customers. Big shout out to the girl who’s sweeter than honey, Justine - before sustainability was on trend, before it was mandatory to provide your own bags; this local legend was already designing and selling her own reusable market bags. Her designs are as cute as they are punny. We hope that wherever you look in the market you’ll see some measure of sustainability in practice. If you’ve got an idea for how we can improve our efforts, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us at market, DM us on socials, or send us an email. We’re always here to talk, especially when it comes to the future of our planet!

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