Here comes Pier One! Santa Monica, that is!

Quick blog to let all of our lovely customers in Sydney that we'll be attending Sydney's newest prestige Farmers' Market - Santa Monica, at Pier One.

We were so excited when we were invited to attend this exciting three week event. The fact that it's being held in one of Sydney's most revered and idyllic locations only sweetened the deal.

The event and its facilities offer a unique opportunity to showcase top-class chefs who will be performing demonstrations throughout the day. What makes this even more exciting is that the chefs will be using the produce of the stalls at the farmers market to create their incredible dishes. We, personally can't wait to see what they'll be using!

Due to an unusually warm winter, and tepid spring the our seasonal availability is actually quite diverse at the moment. Our homegrown farmers network will truly make sure these premiere chefs are truly spoilt for choice.

Over the next three weeks we'll be updating you on the ins and outs and this incredible event, with week three culminating in a virtual tour of the market, as well as the launch of our brand new YouTube channel.

As always you'll find us at Bondi Farmers Market and Bulli Showground Markets this week. It's also the fourth week of the month, so we'll also be attending Castle Hill Growers Market with our phenomenal avocados and a small selection of homegrown produce.