We went to Blackheath and all we got was this amazing gin.

This week saw us make another exciting addition to our market roster when we attended the Blackheath Growers Market, and mother nature sure did make herself known, at least to us greenhorn Coasties!

From the moment we arrived the wind was fierce enough to cut a man in half, and had the howl to match! But our complaints of a cold and bitter wind soon dissipated as the sun crept out from behind the clouds, and the beautiful locals came out to play.

A diverse range of people attended the markets, but they all shared one thing in common; a passion for fine food, direct from the source. We took a small selection of avocados and farm grown, spray free produce to compliment the existing stalls and were greeted with open arms. Many customers remarked on our presentation, quality, and attention to detail when it came to our produce and display; which is always humbling when attending a new market.

The stallholders in attendance were just as broad and varied as the customers! Fat Wren Farm; Margin's Mushrooms; Karu Distillery; Camilleri Berries; traders from all over New South Wales converged on the quaint little park to showcase the very best of what our state has to offer.

Don't let the title fool you, either! We didn't just come home with a bottle of phenomenal gin; we also purchased delicious sauces from Fat Wren Farm (the Perky Peanut is sure to become a mainstay after last night's stir-fry), some home made cakes (which, oddly enough, were all but a few crumbs by day's end), scrumptious bacon and egg rolls; delicious coffee, and perhaps the most unique discovery - G & Tea bags! Steep one of these babies in Karu Distillery's Affinity Gin and behold the splendour of amethyst, and the deep, floral infusion it brings. I've never tasted anything quite like it, and I'm sure we're going to need to restock our cabinet of curiosities when we next attend Blackheath Growers Market.

Be sure to check our market calendar for the next Blackheath date, directions, and links to their facebook. Also, don't forget to check out all the wonderful stall-holders and businesses mentioned above. There really is nothing like market life!

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